We LOVE Great Product Design

Coming from a background in Industrial Product Design and with a keen eye for detail, searching for a good purchase is something that comes naturally to us.

An appreciation for a well designed product is fundamental in our searches, and we are passionate about seeking out great stuff, that falls within an affordable range.

We share what we find with our valued readers so that you can enjoy the best finds, and avoid wasting your money on stuff that really isn’t worth it. If you tend to follow the fashions and replace many of your belongings on a regular basis, then we are not for you. We are looking for quality items, and on the whole we want our purchases to last for a long time.

We often prefer simple, stylish designs that do the job well.

To summarise, here are some points that we consider when exploring items for you:

  • First impressions (does it look like an item worth having)
  • Overall creative appearance (always a bonus, but not always relevant)
  • Is it easy to use? Does it do the job it’s supposed to?
  • Details that make the product better, or worse (e.g. good warranty, respected manufacturer)
  • Does it seem made to last, or a throw-away item?
  • Value; we scour the market and highlight items that we feel are priced appropriately, noting worthy exceptions!
  • We also like to list whether this makes a great gift, or more of a useful item for yourselves (or both)

Sometimes the elegance and fantastic workmanship is enough to sway us to make a high-end purchase for big ticket items! When you are building a home to last forever, it may seem worth it. To give you an example, when we decided on our new kitchen we felt for it was worth spending the extra money on the cabinetry that we fell in love with. We love the space that it has created, now the hub of the house, and see it as a showcase for the house with its beautiful design.

Starting Chillydown

Having a family, home and life together, we obviously have some shared life interests! But one thing that has always run through our dreams, conversations and aspirations, has been a pursuit of creating something together. Ten years, two children, and a complete house renovation later, we have both dipped our toe into a few ventures and ideas, but Chillydown has brought everything together.

We have an unusual mix of skills, with one being technical and hands-on with DIY and design, the other having a background in health, fitness and an interest in all things homely, plus a huge emphasis on family and all that goes with it.

Everything that we buy and try, are products that we feel are worth looking into. We really have no interest in sampling random products for the sake of it. We focus on striving to look after ourselves better, family well-being and invite good quality, purposeful items into our house, that are pleasing in either function or design, and preferably both!


“We are very new and small but we have big plans!”

We are the first to admit that we have a lot of work to do to meet our goals for the business, so we ask for your support as we grow.

There are many people on the internet, reviewing products they’ve never seen, but we prefer to be genuine! At Chillydown, we recognise that you want an authentic article with interesting content, and we believe that our readers deserve this effort every time we write.

We aim to save time for our readers by providing fresh ideas and clear information about products, lifestyle and home living, using our own time and experience.

We recognise that when it comes to internet searches for products, the choice is often overwhelming! We are working hard at Chillydown, to provide a list of great products that we have reviewed ourselves, so that you can easily find whatever you are looking for all in one place, so that you can log-off feeling confident with your decision.

We explore and review gift ideas, gadgets, useful everyday household items, health-focused changes and home interior trends and more. We will also share with you, any other great products or items that we come across and other lifestyle hacks and tips that work for us.


Inspire us

What we look into is always inspired by the lives we lead, but it’s so nice to get some feedback from you too! We’d love to join up with some fellow Chillydowners like yourselves, so please join our following and get in touch.

All the best,

Jo & Ben