We came across this line of products when looking for an alternative type of toilet roll holder that didn’t require wall fixings.  We decided to buy one and test it out and were pleasantly surprised.  More time was taken deciding where to position the holder than it took to fit which I’m pleased to say was under 1 minute.  Still going strong today and have since bought more from this line.  Thumbs up from us – looks great too!

Chillydown Guidelines

Our readers are important to use, so we have compiled a checklist for you to use should you decide to go ahead and look elsewhere for the best Travel Mug:


  • Vacuum Insulation to achieve good temperature retention
  • High technology lid-seal design to prevent spills
  • BPA free parts, to avoid exposure to nasty chemicals
  • Fits most cup holders - otherwise you will end up never using it!
  • Some level of product guarantee - as you are spending a bit more for this, you want to know it is going to last.


Bathroom Toilet Roll Holder

As after all home renovation projects you get to a state of near completeness to then realise you have forgotten about a key item that has to go in that room. How stupid could you have been not to remember this small but significant requirement! This was true when recently completing a refurb of our downstairs bathrooms, we were so happy with the results until we actually used the bathroom to then realise – where the hell were we going to hang a toilet roll holder and hand towel from!?

On the architects drawings the room looked to have plenty of space but now the work is done and all the mirrors are up etc, it’s clear the wall space is limited, mainly due to two factors. The first being that Jo was keen to have a slightly longer than usual wall mounted sink so the kids could brush their teeth together in the morning. This is actually one of my favourite features downstairs and have no regrets.   The second was that I was very keen to have a shower included in the downstairs bathroom to avoid myself trampling mud and crud upstairs after working outside, undertaking the latest building project or if in the future we were ever to get a dog – this would be a good place the wash the dog – as I mentioned above – a key factor in any house renovation project – designing a room for something that might happen in the future!  I’m going to get a lot of stick from Jo for mentioning that!!  To conclude it meant the space was quickly eaten up with radiators etc and little to no useable wall space remained.

It was only recently browsing the world wide web – as you do, when I came across this great product that I genuinely had no idea existed, in fact there is a small range of products I’m going to highlight that pivot around the same suction cup concept that we have purchased, tried and tested and am very impressed with.

Design & Build Quality

The design that MaxHold have chosen is simple yet stylish and modern look that is in keeping with most bathroom & kitchen decor.  On top of good aesthetics the products are supported by a patented suction system that enables you to apply more than 30lbs of weight before its sticking power succumbs to the weight.  Just to clarify that’s the equivalent to the average weight of a 3 year old child, so a toilet roll, towel – dry or wet are absolutely covered within the tolerances of this product.  We have tested both the chrome toilet roll holder and the bathroom wall towel hook and are still fitted in our house. Both products are firmly attached to the glass in two bathrooms and will probably end up buying the towel rail. This toilet roll holder is attached on the outside of our shower screen so it’s main abuse comes from the kids and to date have had no problems and have been asked where we got this from from friends and family – hence our decision to recommend these products.  The towel hook is fitted inside our upstairs shower so is probably more of an aggressive environment in so much as it has to deal with a hot and moist environment as well as having more weight applied in the form of our large bathroom towels. This too has not budged, still looks great and now means we can hang our towel inside the shower enclosure as opposed to having to exit the shower, walk across a cold bathroom to grab the towel of the towel rail. I know, third world problems but it really does make for a nicer shower experience in the morning!


  • Competitive price
  • Modern design
  • Water proof
  • Oil resistant
  • Cold & Hot resistant
  • Max load of more than 30lbs
  • Easy installation with no tools whatsoever
  • Removable and reusable with no surface damage
  • Suction cup works best on smooth and non-porous surface – smooth glazed tile, glass, polished steel, mirror, PVC surface and painting surface.
  • Hooks can even be used in fridge to create hanging space
  • Reliable company.  All emails responded by company within 12 hours


  • Doesn’t work on porous surfaces
  • Not suitable for painted walls
  • Limited to completely smooth & flat surfaces
  • Not suitable for rustic tile, mosaic tile, /travertine tile, porous marble, concrete and lime wall surface

Who is it for?

This suction toilet roll holder (never thought I’d be ever promoting a toilet roll holder – living the dream) actually has no need for any drilling and literally takes about 15 seconds to install.  From one diy enthusiast to another – there is nothing more satisfying than finishing a project – big or small that then gets used by the family every day.  The elation was made even greater by the fact that there were no tools required, no mess, no noise and it literally took 15 seconds to fit!!  So to give you a bit more detail it works in the same principle as how a satNav device connects to your windscreen – that I’m sure you’ve seen or more than likely used.  They have a semi tacky surface that when combined with suction it attaches itself to the car windscreen. In the case of the MaxHolder , it attaches itself to any smooth surface, ideally this would be glass of highly polished tiles, anything to rough isn’t going to be successful. The good news is that most bathrooms have shower screens, polished units or tiles for example so should be compatible to something in the vicinity of your toilet.

After stumbling across the toilet roll holder I also found they had a towel hook that also worked in the same way.  This too was something I had been looking for in the form of a hook that would attach over the top of the shower scr


suction cup diameter – 7.3cm
stainless steel bar – 15(L)*8(W)cm

What’s in the box

1 ABS plastic suction cup
1 stainless steel bar
1 instructions booklet

The Company

MaxHold is the market leading in suction cup of bathroom accessories and kitchen accessories. Based on patented technology, MaxHold products are innovative to use industrial rubber instead of PVC OR TBR.

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