If you are getting more aches and pains these days, I can assure you that you are not alone! I would be getting a full body massage every week if I won the lottery! In the meantime, I have been looking for a cheaper alternative to employing my own back and neck massager, and I think the Rumble Roller Beastie Ball is most definitely worth sharing with you.

In this Rumble Roller Beastie Ball Review, we include images of this Spiky Massage Ball in use, giving examples of how to use it and what you might use it for, and we will discuss the pros and cons overall, so that you can decide for yourself whether this would be the item you are looking for.

What is a Rumble Roller Beastie Ball?

“One of the most effective self-massage tools ever created!” Claims the User Guide.

“This massage ball is optimized for deep-tissue work. It comes in 2 versions – Original with super-flexible bumps, and X-Firm for the deepest possible stimulation.”

The Beastie Ball is a similar size to a tennis ball, and comes with a base, which the guide suggests can be used to stabilise the ball during use, or to mount on the wall for storage, and there are instructions on how to do this should you want to. It also lists accessories to buy for using with the Beastie Ball, such as a hook, a bar and a wall system (I have not tried any of these additional items).

This all sounds good so far. I feel that this Massage Ball is worth trying, as I’ve been looking for a good Self Massage Tool, or Massage Ball for years. I really needed a handy self-treatment for muscle pain! I know my own muscles aches are related to posture, a lack of flexibility and lack of good core stability, and I know the exercises and steps to take to prevent and improve this. That being said, like everyone else, when something hurts, I can’t resist wishing there was a “quick fix” to make the pain better! The rest of this review will walk you through how I got on with the Rumble Roller Beastie Ball – That’s if the name hasn’t  put you off!

Trigger Point Massage Ball!

I selected the X-Firm Beastie Ball which comes in a lime green. I would rate this as similar to a Sports Massage Therapy Pressure, so if you find Sports Massage too painful, perhaps go with the Beastie Ball Original Version. I immediately went for the X-Firm Beastie Ball because I really want the ball to do the work for me, and save pressing through my hands as much as possible.

I have pretty much constant pain in my left wrist, and any pressure through my thumbs hurts straight away too! The same might be said of anyone who has experienced a variation of over-use injuries, experiencing a horrible, sharp or nagging pain in their wrists, hands, elbows, sometimes also affecting shoulder and neck, and vice versa! Unfortunately this means that doing any self massage is limited by the pain of pressing and massaging with your own fingers and thumbs! I am happy to say that when I use this ball, I hardly have to press through it at all in order to deliver adequate pressure.

It is not so true to say it relieves a “Trigger Point,” as this is something that your Health Clinician would attempt to find during a hands-on treatment, but the term has come to be used to describe any painful spot within soft tissue. People often say that they have “knots in their muscle” and it can feel like that! It has been thought to be caused by tiny bundles of soft tissue within the muscle or tendon, or relating to other tiny nerve fibres, but the evidence behind these theories and associated treatments is often reported to be lacking.

While this is the case, I do enjoy the sensation of having sore and aching muscles kneaded and massaged, and whether or not this is backed up by scientific evidence does not bother me! I find it soothing and it certainly appears to give me pain-relief, so I am going to keep doing it! Along with millions of others who like massage!

Not everyone enjoys a deep tissue massage and some people have a high sensitivity to pain. On a review I read, someone describes this ball as “Savage!” Massage isn’t for everyone, so if you generally dislike people massaging your shoulders, or would never have a massage given the choice, then perhaps save your money, or buy a hot-pack!

Different to other Massage Tools I have tried

I’ve tried quite a few hand-held massagers over the years. I’ve bought them myself to aid when friends and family have inevitably needed some treatment. Both for them to try themselves, and for myself to use on them when my hands were really hurting after working long hours! They were invariably poor products to use, because you still had to press really hard with them. They did limit the pressure needed through my thumbs at least, but my wrists continued to take a great deal of the strain. They were pretty ineffective, and irritating because they just didn’t seem to hit the spot.

So back to the Beastie Ball. In short, I LOVE it!

I would emphasize here that you do need to think a little about your technique in order to get the most out of this (or any) Self-Massage ball. When Ben tried it, he simply put it over the muscle and pressed hard, it hurt and so he reported that it felt too hard! However, if you ease into the muscle, by starting with very gentle pressure, you can almost tuck the spikes of the ball into the deeper soft tissue (normally where you need the pressure) without overly squashing the myofascial tissue and muscle that lay above the point that you want to work on. If you simply press it hard through all the outer layers of tissue, it will hurt! I press very lightly on the ball and achieve amazingly deep pressure all down the sides of my back by using my gentle method. If you are still unsure, maybe it’s worth taking the ball to your therapist and asking them to show you a good technique?

This helps my Stiff Neck and Shoulder Pain

I now spend huge amounts of time at a desk, and despite knowing how to best take care of myself, I do sometimes get an achy neck, mostly caused by my ridiculously tight Upper Traps (muscle across the top of your shoulders). This is really common in desk workers, and sometimes mine is so bad that I can get headaches from it.

Desperate to finish something I am working on in the given time that I have, means that like many people, I sometimes spend too long in one position at the computer. Now I have this massage ball within easy reach, I simply use it to relieve some of that tension as I go. It is the best relief I have ever been able to administer on my own shoulders and has helped my neck so much in the time since I got the ball.

Gives lovely Foot Massages

Just a few minutes rolling the Beastie Ball under foot is a mixture of relief and soreness, and a little of heaven!! Again, if you are not keen on a strong pressure then this might be too much for you! But most people that try this, then want to get themselves one!

Many people with conditions like Plantar Fasciitis (which might give you pain in sole of foot, pain in side of foot, heel pain), and other symptoms of foot pain, are often advised to use a foot massage ball as part of their treatment. It probably depends how you get on with using a normal ball for self massage, but if you feel like you would like something firmer, then have a look at this.

Many people with conditions like Plantar Fasciitis (which might give you pain in sole of foot, pain in side of foot, heel pain), and other symptoms of foot pain, are often advised to use a foot massage ball as part of their treatment. It probably depends how you get on with using a normal ball for self massage, but if you feel like you would like something firmer, then have a look at this.

Ease Muscle Soreness After Exercise

Muscle Pain and soreness after exercise is really common too. Stretching is my favourite part of a work out! But not everyone feels the same, and some people confess to never doing stretches after exercise! This always astounds me, as it is one of the easiest ways to help prevent injury, as well as limit muscle pains after exercise. Surely doing a few stretches is preferable to getting treatment for thigh muscle pain?! Have you had Myofascial Release? OWW!! I worked for years in this area and have delivered many a Sports Massage, so I can vouch for their value, despite the pain! I’ve heard all the jokes about treatments being more like torture, than pleasure. The trouble is that often Musculoskeletal problems have developed slowly over time, and by the time they are symptomatic there is a lot of work to be done to change it. If you get muscle pain after weight-lifting then you should make sure that you are doing the appropriate stretches!

Of course there are many factors and causes of musculoskeletal pain and I would always recommend that you seek medical advice before trying anything.

I am someone who loves massage, and if I have an ache or pain, I crave massage to relieve it. So if I get exercise related aches, I use this ball. It’s so easy to roll the ball on your own muscles, or you can ask family to help you. I have tried this out, and I recommend that you “go easy” on muscles after exercise as it might be quite sore!


  • It looks smart. The lime colour is not too bright and it doesn’t look bad at all sitting on the side. My impression is that it has been designed and manufactured well. The material used seems ideal for the purpose.
  • It’s small and easily stowed away, so you could literally take your “massager” with you wherever you go!
  • I have already described a number of instances that I feel are appropriate for using it effectively for self treatment of muscle pains, and from personal experience I can say that it does the job it is meant to do as a Self Massage Ball.
  • The Rumble Roller Beastie Ball maintains its shape under heavy pressure, I would imagine parking my car on it would do little to damage this sucker, suggesting it is very durable! I have not seen any signs of wear at all during the time I’ve had it, and I can’t imagine that it will deteriorate in any way. This is quite different to many of the massage balls I have used before. Some of which look old and moth-eaten very quickly, and I feel that the neon yellow of my tennis ball would irritate me if I should keep it on my desk in the same way that I do with the Beastie Ball (plus it would easily roll off!)
  • The firm, flexible bumps are able to deliver more specific, intense pressure than a massage ball without spikes. I have found that they also seem to prevent the ball from rolling out of position, meaning that I use it in harder to reach places by leaning against a cushion, or carefully lying against it. The spikes seem to be perfectly well positioned, so that you can gently and carefully increase pressure into the targeted tissues, as with deep tissue massage, rather than simply squashing down on the tissue without any precision.
  • The User Guide describes methods of using the Beastie Ball for self-massage and ways of increasing/decreasing the applied pressure to your own comfort.
  • The Beastie Ball comes with a Base, which you can hook the ball into to stabilise. This means that you can actually roll the muscle over the ball, which may give a different sensation to rolling the ball over the tissue. It also means that the ball is lifted a few cm off the surface, which might make it easier to achieve intensive pressure in the correct area.
  • The Beastie Ball is made from latex-free and phthlate-free materials and can be washed with soap and water, so you can use it after a sweaty work-out and easily clean it between uses. I also like to promote good hygiene habits!
  • RumbleRoller.com is a US based company that make many products for gym use, and there are several additional items that you can buy.
  • Some people are strong advocates of self massage and self treatment, as after all you know where the sore spot is!



  • The biggest problem with all massage tools, is that you can’t feel the soft tissue that is being treated, in the way that you can when using your hands and delivering pressure with your fingers and thumbs. Seeing a professional about your condition is always the best option.

Of course, simply rubbing the area that hurts doesn’t always help! Many pains are referred from other joints and organs, and I am not in any way suggesting that you should get a massage ball rather than visit your clinician, or health professional for advice.

  • Take care not to over do it! If you have a tendency to bruise easily, this might be too firm for you. Similarly, I would not use this over any areas of tingling/ numbness as you may exert more pressure than you are able to feel and cause injury.
  • I read a review where someone describes this as quite an expensive price, for something that is made of rubber. While it is most certainly not the cheapest massage ball on the market, I feel that I have wasted my money in the past on products that just don’t work, whereas the Rumble Roller Beastie Ball does deliver a pressure that if carefully used, can feel very similar to the sensation of my own finger tip or thumb pressing into the deep tissue. For that value, I feel the price is about right. However, if you want to try a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, dog ball or whatever then give it a go. For only a fraction of the price you might love it?!
  • I have noticed that this is sometimes called a Men’s Extra Beastie Ball on some website listings. I don’t think I need to elaborate on why I dislike this. Really?! I know that they can’t be referring to pain thresholds here, so I like to assume that they mean that the pressure is sufficient even for the most beefed-up, muscle that a man (or woman) can have. Seems a bit off to list it this way, but let’s leave it there. It’s for men and it’s for women.
  • Not everyone is going to like it! I think that simply pressing hard with this ball on a sore muscle would be very uncomfortable. It is best used with an element of technique, to slowly ease into the stronger pressure. If used in this way, you can achieve some relief in the deeper tissues without simply “smashing through” all the tissues that lay on top. There is information on how to use it effectively within the guide book too.


Here’s a shot that no-one needs to see! My own Gluteus Maximus!! Getting through that highly toned muscle is tricky! What can I say?! Piriformis pain can happen to the best of us, even when it’s not caused by over-exercise!


Spiky Massage Balls in particular, are popular in gyms and Pilates Studios as well as homes, but I have only just discovered one that I have felt is truly worth the purchase, and worth sharing with you. In my previous career as a Physiotherapist, I would often suggest people could use a tennis ball to lean against as part of their self-help and exercise programme. Since coming across this little gem, The Rumble Roller Beastie Ball, I personally prefer the relief it provides over my DIY version, as it stays in place and gives a better sense of relief because of the pressure spikes. I recommend this to all my friends and family now and it helps give the impression that I am no longer available for free massages! It makes a cool little gift for people too. Anyone who gets a lot of aches and pains, whether that is your gym-bunny, your mum, your friend who is always getting injured, or your beloved spouse, would love the Beastie ball! I purchased mine from Amazon as it’s generally very reliable and usually has a 30-day money back policy (obviously check the terms and conditions before you buy!) CLICK HERE If you want to try the Rumble Roller Beastie Ball for yourself. If you have any comments about this article, or the Beastie Ball itself, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know how you get on!